SetUserVar - Macro Variables

  • After setting a variable with "SetUserVar" how is that variable then recalled in a macro?

    In MA2 it was SetUserVar $CueNumber for example.


  • SetUserVar "CueNumber" 1

    Delete Cue $CueNumber

    If your variable is a string you sometimes have to use creative positioning of the Quotes.

    For example:

    SetUserVar "ShowName" "This-Show-Is-New"

    SaveShow $ShowName -- fails

    SaveShow "$ShowName" -- fails

    SaveShow $"ShowName" -- works

  • thank you! is there a variable for the selected Exec? Is this possible through Lua? struggling to find any information on this

  • I'm sure there is a way to find the selected object via lua, but to be honest I haven't looked.

    Can you issue the Select command first?

    Select Seq 10 or Select Page 1.201

    Delete Cue 10

  • In most scenarios you don't need a variable to access the Selected sequence via commandline, as the selected sequence would automatically/default be the target of the commands.

    e.g. playback



    Go+ Sequence [Selected_Sequence]

    e.g. properties

    Set Sequence Property "Priority" "HTP"


    Set Sequence [Selected_Sequence] Property "Priority" "HTP"

    e.g. children

    Store Cue 99


    Store Sequence [Selected_Sequence] Cue 99

  • Hi Andreas,

    Thank you for your help

    Set Sequence [Selected_Sequence] Cue 1 Thru Part 0.* Property "XWings" 2

    This macro line claims "Illegal Object"

  • Andreas was using '[Selected_Sequence]' as a placeholder for his explanation - he was not saying that this was the right way to access a variable for the Selected sequence.

    If you look at his last example, you should see how this can be done without needing a variable to specify the Selected sequence:

    • Set Cue Thru Part 0.* Property "XWings" 2

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