BPM/Speed Fade in Cue

  • Hello,

    Beginner question again. I was looking for a long time but didn't find the answer for what I am looking for.

    Pretty basic but I want to do a Speed Fade from X BPM Cue 1 to Y BPM Cue 2.

    Like the drumroll before a drop. I used Speedmasters to control the Speed which is good for busking but I want to do it more precise with Cues.

    Which feature or option am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance

  • If its for timecode, you can apply a physical speed master to the timecode and adjust the curve as you like. You can also use a dmx remote to control the speed master, then just store the dmx remote into the cue as a dim value and fade it as part of the cues fade time, or with individual timing

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