"Blind" with LED white.

  • Hi again.

    I have a group of leds and I'm busking them with programmer, say, all are red and intensity on 50. With another sequence, I'd like to momentary flash them full on and white. Then back to what ever there is in programmer. I cannot manage, I've tried all kinds of priorities and temp faders so far, but after the "whiteblind" sequence goes off, the programmer seems to be empty? How would you people do this? Is there something wrong with busking via programmer (somehow it seems to me, that many people prefer to record colours as cues)?

  • 1. Enable "Freeze" to protect your programmer-content from being overwritten by Sequence playback

    2. Set priority of "whiteblind" Sequence to "Super" to take precedence over the programmer-content

  • Thank you! Seems that setting the priority to super alone did the trick. Why I didn't test that before, I don't know. Thanks again!

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