DMX range inverting in a fixture template.

  • Hello.

    Today I have been working with fixture template Mac 550 in version 1.5..2.1.

    I noticed some problems during this work.

    1. I Use basic personality. Referring to Continues rotation (dmx channel 6 ), you can see n the manual that the range goes like this:

    0-2. No rotation
    3 - 127 CW, slow - fast

    128 - 252 CCW, fast - slow

    253 - 255 No rotation

    As you see here this will result in a Glitch / jump if you "glide" between dmx value 127 & 128.

    I know that there are different ways to build a template, and many users don't see this as a problem.

    But i really want to be able to glide between 2 "slow" behaviors, instead of 2 "fast" behaviors .

    Then I came up with a solution, and tried it, but it seams not to be possible.

    Suggestion: "Inverting a dmx-range".

    Example. The list would look like this:

    0-2. No rotation
    127 - 3 CW, fast - slow

    252 - 128 CCW, slow - fast

    253 - 255 No rotation

    Is this possible? if so... how do I find the setting to invert the range.

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