Vis-key connection with Capture 2021 is broken (all versions)

  • I have a Vis-key, and capture and i am unable to unlock ALL requested universes for visualization.
    I have tired with both ma and capture on FW 1.4 and 1.5, having both capture and ma3 onpc in session. They can both see each other, and I can output from MA, into capture, But only 512 parameters are able to be sent to capture, not the full MANet 3 requested universes with no parameter limit.

    both applications in session

    both are the same FWV

    Artnet/sACN are disabled

    No other MA hardware is connected except for the Viz-Key

    I have spoken to my distributor and they suggested contacting capture which i have done.

    Has MA Lighting tested Vis-Key V1.5 on the latest version of capture?

    "we are the people our parents warned us about"

  • Are onPC and capture running on the same computer, or separate?

    Same computer mate. to clarify, i don't believe its a connection issue because i am receiving 256 "(MA viz-key, UniverseX)"
    The issue is that they are locked to only providing a total of 512 parameters, and for vis i don't need or want any parameters, i want 256 universes granted.

    "we are the people our parents warned us about"

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  • Just to double-check, are you making sure to turn on Capture first and ensuring it sees the VizKey before starting grandMA3 onPC? Otherwise, the VizKey will definitely get bound to onPC (rather than Capture) and you'll only be able to see the 512 parameters.

  • Uh! That's really good to know!

    And I will have another Information wich might be interesting for someone with trouble...

    If there are really NO Parameters activated and VizKey is plugged in correctly, be sure to plug it into a USB 3.x Port.

    If plugged into USB 2.0 it won't work.

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