Temp Executor with OffCue Informations

  • Hello,

    Beginner question here. I guess something really basic.

    I want Temp Buttons/Executors to include my informations I stored in the OffCue. But not only the Standart Fade of the OffCue (which works) but an Individual Fade Time, Delay, MaTricks, Recipes etc.

    So that If I release the Temp Button he considers my Recipes, Matricks, Fade and Delay Times etc and plays them back as the OffCue.

    For example I release the Temp Button and my Lights don't only fade out but fade out with a fade "from - to" and some Matricks (Wings of 2 etc).

    A workaround would be also good to know. I tried it with Follow Cues to achieve the same effect but then I don't know how to Auto-Off the Sequence where I stored the Temp Execeutor.

    Something like the Go+ Release from GM2 would be perfect but I can't find something like.

    Thanks in advance

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