DMX Remote flickering | V1.5.2

  • Hello,

    yesterday I tried to use DMX In Remotes on some of my executors. (Found out I need to assign Sequences, but that was no big deal for me).

    The problem is, that the values controlled by the DMX remote sometimes flicker. If it is an intensity, I have some flashes on my lights. The UI does not show these flashes (percentages do not change).

    I tried this with a good old 12/2 Lightcommander (<3) via DMX In assigned to Universe 10 and with 2 virtual dummy fixtures, patched on Universe 5. I get the same problem in both cases.

    Midi Remote worked fine and with no issues btw. :thumbup:

    V 1.5.2

    onPc Command Wing on Windows.

    This was only my backup Computer. It is not very powerful, but everything else works so far and it is running smoothly, not near any limits. Can computing power still be the problem?

    Thank you,