No beam in 3D GDTF in

  • Hi all,

    I have created a fixture profile using the GDTF fixture builder from GDTF share.

    It worked fine in the previous version but in the beam is not showing up in the 3D view. Also with beam on 400%.

    In the grid I see the correct color output.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?

    The fixture is a moving head with a seperate RGBW beam.

    The fixture is findable using the built in GDTF share:

    or check zip in attachment


  • I moved your RGBW to the Head, Looks like you were trying to make the actual RGBW Emitters. I haven't built many fixtures (just media servers) but looking at some of the built-in ones that's how they were setup.

    Seems wrong?

  • Thanks for looking into it. The fixture does not support color mixing, yes I know but it's good enough for me to learn with.

    So if you put red and blue on you should see two beams.

    Here is a picture of

  • Ok wait I have found something interesting. Only when the red color it added the beams appear.

    Even if you add 1% red all the beams appears, if red is 0% none of the other beams appear.

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