Problems with Offset in

  • Hi there,

    I noticed the following problems with the new offset function in patch:

    1) Offset can only be set in percent or hex not in physical values (which is the only thing that makes sense to me)

    2) Only positive offsets can be assigned (Had a group of fixtures yesterday that were pointing 90 degrees to the right without offset. The only way to offset them in a way so that they pointed correctly was by offsetting them by 270 degree (instead of - 90) which meant there was no pan-range left - makes the whole thing kinda pointless :D

    3) Offsetting fixtures also affect their rotations in 3d. Doesn't make any sense to me.

    Am I doing something wrong? Never have understand why it took so long to implement such a basic feature and now that it's there it's still completely useless in my eyes.

    I found so many bugs in 1.5. within minutes - please let me know if I can help you out beta-testing for future versions - don't mean it passive-aggressively!

    I'm a big fan of MA but getting a bit frustrated here.

    Kind regards

  • While setting negative offsets from patch does seem broken, you can do negative offsets and physical from the stage.

    Call a preset, make your adjustments and Store Offset /Merge

    The 3D part I kind of understand. it's based on the DMX output and probably transient, but also there would need to be some way for them to inform you when you go above or below the max.

    It's almost like they would need to physically adjust the rotation of the fixture the opposite way of the offset correction, but that seems like a mess in the working.

  • These two points are specifically mentioned in the release notes.

    At the moment, the offsets are displayed corresponding to the selected DMX Readout within the user profile.

    And the DMX Readout does not have an option for physical.

    - At the moment, it is only possible to enter positive values for offset in the patch menus.

    But as Hoss mentioned, you can use Store Offset in the programmer to address both of these.

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