Several issues

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    It's hard to get a full hour of work done without running into a new bug.

    Now XBlock has lost count... "XBlock 2" gives me 1, 2 or 3 fixtures selected while next'ing through.

    Seems to have something to do with shuffled selection order, but must be something more to it...

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    I can no longer use Programmer Parts..

    As soon as I change an Attribute it switches back to Part Zero.

    Could it have something to do with this 'Improvement' mentioned in the Release Notes?

    ....This defined part will also be used when activating values in the programmer via the encoders.

  • Hi everybody,

    regarding the programmer parts we went a little bit "back to the basics" :-).

    What we faced in former versions is, that the structure got quite complex. So we had to use parts for phasers of different attributes in our cues - therefore the programmer had to represent these parts as well. At the end we stored some simple things and we saw a complex part structure in our sequence.

    With v1.5 we found a way to be able to store everything in our default cue part 0 - so especially at the beginning really easy to do, we do not necessarily have to use cue parts. So we got rid of the complex elements in preset pools regarding static and dynamic parts.

    Of course your feedback makes a lot of sense, so especially when we want to use cue parts we want to have a setting where the selected cue part is taken. This is already known as a wish. So at the end with the programmer parts we want to fix the easy and simple workflows first and then add some more functionality to this again. :)

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