Can't use Universal Presets

  • I cannot figure out Universal Presets.

    Global 1;

    Integrate (dimmer at 0 preset)

    Integrate (dimmer at 100 preset)

    Hold store and select universal. Stored in the All 1 pool.

    Other fixtures can't use this phaser.

    When I do the same thing with a moving wash, my spots and LEDs can't use them. What am I doing wrong?

  • Works for me it seem. Shows up as a Universal/Global but if you edit the preset and Enable the Fixture Sheet Global Mask you can see both the Universal (Global 1) and any Global Fixtures (Global 2+) get stored and added to any fixtures that are patched after the fact. However in the case of Dimmers it does not seem to work for virtual dimmers like RGB LED's

  • So are you saying that Global 1 U/G presets will only work on fixtures patched after the preset is created? I won't be able to apply these to fixtures already patched in the file?

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