Updating show file issues

  • Hi Everyone,

    After this new update I was excited about partially exporting my Ma2 show file to Ma3. However when I hit the button "Save as GrandMa3 1.5.2" it's as if the file doesn't save. I've even tried saving this onto a USB stick and other then the folder structure there's no saved file. I've tried this save from a separate computer, and no luck. I was able to make a completely different show transfer over. But not my main show file. Could there be something else at play that's keeping me from upgrading this?

    Thank you for ANY input :)

  • In the past when I've seen issues with show files not converting, it usually was because of a malformed fixture profile. Perhaps try deleting different fixturetypes out of your show and converting, to see if you can narrow it down.

  • I'm not going to rule out that some of my fixture profiles are a little off... however in the previous version of the Ma3 1.4, I was able to bring over ALL the fixture profiles and patch.

    I was hoping to bring over the groups and presets that this new update said I could. However I can't even get a new show file from this new update.

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