Relative Phaser Regression (unexpected one-shot)

  • So I found if you record a step with a 0 relative value the phaser is stopped after the first run in some situations.

    For Example:

    • Patch a Single Dimmer at FID 1
    • Fixture 1
    • Attribute "Dimmer" At Relative -100
    • Next Step
    • Attribute "Dimmer" At Relative 0
    • Store Seq 1
    • ClearAll
    • Fixture 1 At Full
    • Store Seq 2


    [tt]Go+ Seq 2 (Dimmer at full)


    Go+ Seq 1 (Dimmer should be SIN 0 to 100)

    In 1.4 you get a running phaser going from 0 to 100 as expected but in 1.5 it runs the phaser once then stops.

    Setting the "high" to non 0 (1 or -1) or turning on Off when Overridden seems to solve it but aren't Absolute and Relative values separated now.

    Also seems to be an issue where absolute values get stored into the first step of a relative sequence if the fixture is playing back elsewhere and absolute values are not touched.

    For example:

    • Fixture 1 At Full
    • [tt]Store Seq 10
    • Go+ Seq 10
    • Clearall
    • Fixture 1
    • Attribute "Dimmer" At Relative -100

    Programmer now holds Abs at 100 and Rel at -100

    If the fixture is not playing back it only holds Rel at -100 and no Abs Value.

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