MAtricks in 3D

  • Hi,

    When applying MAtricks settings it appears to show correctly in Selection Grid but output in the 3D visualizer doesn't update? This is using generic LED RGBA pars.

    Any help is appreciated...



  • The reason for this is because the selection order changed but you will still have all the of fixtures selected. Press Next and Previous buttons to choose different fixtures according to the new selection order and you can use Set to return to the original selection.

    Additionally if you have MATricks active things like At 0 thru 100 will span the values over this new selection order.

  • I'm not sure I understand the question about using phase in MATricks vs the encoder bar but they both seem to work

    Setting Wings 2 with Phase from 0 to 360 seems to give you the same result as typing 0 thru 360 thru 0 in the calculator of a normal selection (without MATricks)