At MAgic not showing up in At Bar

  • The Magic workflow changed:

    • The MAgic layer was renamed to GridPos.
    • The MAgic values (now GridPos values) are now always activated automatically when entering attribute values or if calling presets. Therefore, they are automatically part of a preset when a preset will be stored.
    • With the automatic creation of the MAgic values (now GridPos values) on the GridPos layer, it is now possible to have different GridPos values for different attributes of the same fixture which expands the creativity.
    • Presets have now a MAgic property (edit the options of a preset, e.g., by executing EditOption Preset x.y). When the MAgic property is enabled, the preset will behave as a MAgic preset and distribute its values across the range of selected fixtures when calling it.
    • The Commands At MAgic and Off MAgic are obsolete now. If you change the grid position of fixtures and would like to apply the new GridPos value you can use At GridPos.


    MAgic Presets must be stored as selective.

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