• Hi,

    I'm programming a show in which are multiple fader pages and sequences. At least, one per song.

    On my first page, I loaded the groupmasters I use and some speed/rate faders.

    I'd like to switch between pages to be able to access my groupmasters and speed masters quickly during the show.

    So I created a macro that calls page1 on each other page, and assigned it to a X1 button.

    Now, my problem. I cannot find a way to call back the previous page...


    I'm on page 8, I run a sequence and I switch to page 1 to adjust speed master and maybe cut off some lights... Now i'd like to go back to page 8.

    But, I don't want to create on page 1 a macro calling "page 8", but calling "the previous page", so that I have only one macro to create and to assign on a Xbutton of page 1.

    Is it clear ? (sorry my english is terrible)

    Is it possible? (i'm sure it is...)

    Thanks for your help


  • If you long-press the [Page-] button, you will jump back to page 1 automatically, without needing a macro. Then, if your Song macros are defining a variable to indicate song name / page name / page number, you could just have a macro on page 1 to jump back to the page determined by the variable.

    Alternatively, if the masters on page 1 are not in the same executor numbers / positions as other things in your show file, you could simply Fix those executors and they'll show up on every page in the same place anyway - no jumping around required.

  • You have a few options here:

    1) First and perhaps the easy way out if you have free executors is to fix the Group masters so they are on all pages.

    2) If you don't have room for the group masters you could accomplish this by using a macro to change pages.

    You could have a macro to change to a page like this:

    Go to page:

    SetUserVar "LastPage (What Page?)"
    Page $LastPage

    Return to page:

    Page $LastPage

    3) This Lua/Macro single line stores your current page before going to page 1 so you can return to it using a different macro.

    Go to Group Masters:

    lua"SetVar(UserVars(), 'LastPage', CurrentExecPage().index)"
    Page 1

    Return to Last Page:

    Page $LastPage
  • Thanks a lot guys!

    I did not know about the long press "page -" , thanks

    I couldn't find the way to fix groupmasters (which is unclear to me because I already use the fix option for my fog and other specials in my show )

    I'll have a look at it for sure, even if my faders on other pages aren't free...

    Thanks for the macro with variable and LUA

    For the time, I don 't know how to use variables, I think it will be a good start to work over it.

    Have a nice day


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