MAtricks layers changing values in programmer but fixture activity not changing

  • [Blocked Image:]Been doing MA E-learning and when I attempted to replicate what the instructor was doing. (Changing values in the Layers with a group selected) His fixtures were changing with changes made, but mine only changes programmer values but nothing is outputted to my fixtures. Could I be doing something wrong? Doing everything the same as he did. (I'm using 3d like he was)

  • Hi YoungestLD,

    you are right, the behaviour now changed in version 1.5.

    We want to avoid that every time we change a fade or delay time or something else the programmer plays back everything again on stage.

    Of course this can be a feature as well, but we need a better and a user-definable solution for that - so that is what we will work on.

    Hope that makes sense :)

  • Makes sense now! Thank you so much :)

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