• So I started to program my first show in v1.5 on my Mac before I load it into my Compact XT. I selected my fixtures, went to Gobo Rot > Rotation, but I couldn't get the encoder bar to change or do anything. The gobos just spun at their fastest speed, and I couldn't slow them down. I tried adding a value in the calculator, but still nothing worked. I got around the issue by making a phaser to spin the gobos but still not great. Any ideas??? Thx

  • I noticed something like this last night when I was playing around with encoder resolutions. I would spin from 0 - 255 and it worked ok but if I spun too far past the max or min it would get stuck there. At one point the whole encoder bar seemed to lock up and I had to restart (I didn't try reloadUI). Wasn't able to confirm the reason why.

  • Greetings,

    Have a look at the improvements to the Encoder Bar and Encoder Readout and Resolution. This link should take you directly to the section in the Release Notes:…eader_anchor_13

    Your picture shows your Encoder Bar Readout in the bottom left set to "Natural."
    "Natural" is a new feature allowing you to use the defined Readouts per Attribute.
    In new shows and migrated show the Gobo Wheels have a Readout of "Physical" as the default. You can find and change these settings in the Attribute List of the Patch window.

    I suspect your problem relates to a missing physical range for the Attribute you are using. This range is defined in the Fixture Type. If a physical range is 10 to 10, or 0 to 0, then there's no range. Since there is no physical range naturally there will be no change of the output. Try re-testing the challenge you face by changing your encoder bar Readout to something else (e.g. Percent) and see if your encoder now controls the Attribute. Then you've basically confirmed that the physical range for the Gobo channel or ChannelFunction might have the wrong physical range definition in the Fixture Type.

  • That makes sense Will Murphy
    I've read the notes but didn't think of this consequence it could have.

    I wonder though if the underlaying problem will be fixed.
    Several Fixture Types I've tried from MA2 part of library have problems.
    What does it even mean when I have 6 channel functions named:
    G1 <>

    G1 <>


    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    Is that supposed to give me any information?

    I'm really disappointed by MA3 Fixture Type support

    - No help with Fixture Types design (requests)

    - Have to redesign existing F.T. to get meaningful functionality

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