List of bugs still in v1.5.2.1

  • I read the very long release notes today and it is of course a lot of improvements.
    I'm wondering though how the priority is decided at MA lighting?
    While we get several cosmetic fixes, other bugs dating back as long as v1.0 are still there.

    I'll add to the list as I test the new version with old problems.
    Some of these are said to be known bugs so the list is kinda the missing pages of "Known limitations"

    (With a bit more respect for the customer MA Lighting would have included known bugs under 'Known limitations' themselves.)

  • Yes I was really hoping for a fix to the Edit/Update Cue losing Cue Name issue... I update a lot of cues for the shows I run because the rig changes day-to-day and losing the Cue Name is not fun lol. Hopefully a v1.5.3 soon!

  • -- 3 --

    Sorting in Patch when you enter.

    The default sorting is...well I don't know what it is...but it's not FID, name or Patch (Address)

    I vote for 'The sorting you used last time'.

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