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  • Hi guys, thanks for unlocking 1 universe for free onpc in the last update. We own a dot xlf console, but for smaller gigs, it is sometimes more practical to take a laptop with a midi board. The console was a big investment and I do shows in bars from time to time. I really don't like having the console exposed to the elements in that type of setting. Would you consider unlocking the software in full for customers who have purchased the console but need to use onpc independently as well?

  • Put console at remote location, and connect it to dot2 onPC computer via network. That's that - all universes with onPC for ppl who has console.

    That would still require the console to be set up somewhere in the venue and used as a hub. That would be just as undesirable if not more so. I get your point.. but still, if it's not necessary to take my console to a venue to operate lights, I certainly don't want to take it with me to use as a node. If you have purchased the full console, is it an unreasonable request to able to use the onpc software in full?

  • I'm really not a sales guy and every time I'm happy to support you in all possible ways, but this is really a strange request.

    If we would unlock the onPC software for every owner of a console we would decrease the possibility to sell more consoles or nodes to this customer...I'm pretty sure that this will cause a lot of trouble with our sales colleagues! :D

  • Having one unlocked universe is a sweet deal and I don't think offering more even if you own a console will work. They will have to go to a dongle but that has been worked out also in their foresight. So all you need is a dot2 Node4 or two.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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