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  • Hello everyone !!

    Our MA3 console (ver: can't connect to capture .

    The capture is the newest version (2021.1.6).

    When in capture connectivity options . It shows "waiting to receive plugin software update from MA3".

    But I can't find any plugin for capture in MA's website.

    Is anyone know how to do it ??

    Please;( !!!

  • Hi all,

    I just thought I would clarify that the viz-key hardware is not required if you already have paid/granted parameters. You mentioned you have a console so I guess you have at least some paid parameters already granted. This way you don't have to setup Art-Net or sACN if you don't want to. Of course you can if you prefer this method.

    For the connection via MA, you will have to be sure to send the update file to the visualizer:…te_viz_key/en/1.5/viz-key

    It would be worth checking with Capture regarding how to setup this update connection within their software.

    For the MA side you can think of Capture like a node. Once you see it in the network list you can send the update file to it or invite it to the session.

    Hope that clarifies a couple things.

    p.s. This is based on testing with the MA v1.4.2.1 and v1.5.2.1 software connected to Capture v2021.1.6

  • HI! I'd like to update everyone here.

    I have a Vis-key, and capture and i am unable to unlock ALL requested universes for visualization.
    I have tired with 1.4 and 1.5 updates, having both capture and ma3 onpc in session and on the same version/FW. They can both see each other, and I can output from MA, into capture, But only 512 parameters are able to be sent to capture.

    both applications in session
    both are the same FWV
    Artnet/sACN are disabled
    No other MA hardware is connected except for the Viz-Key
    I have spoken to my distributor and they suggested contacting capture which i have done.
    Has MA Lighting tested Vis-Key V1.5 on the latest version of capture?

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