Store at next available preset pool

  • Hi All,

    Is there some syntax for store ‘next available’.

    For example store Preset 3.1 Next = storing to the next un-used preset pool after 3.1.

    I have been told this may be possible using LUA ‘if Nil’.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Thank you Andreas.

    I tested and "NotYetExistingName" could be any title, is that just a placeholder or is there a reason for labelling it in a second line?

    I'm trying to say store the preset at the next available after Preset 3.200 for example, is this possible to set a start preset?

  • without the relabeling, the syntax would fail to create a new item next time it is run, as the name passed as argument to the store command then would already exist.

    If you move the newly created preset with the insert command, you could get them all from a given start, however in reversed order

    (latest created listed first)

    Store Preset 3."NotYetExistingName"

    Insert Preset 3."NotYetExistingName" At 3.200

    Label Preset 3."NotYetExistingName" "MyNewPreset"