Timestamp question

  • Hey guys, today i tried to write some macros we used in MA2 before and there’s a thing I can’t get solved.

    Is there any possibility to get the system time or date like it was possible in MA2 with the systemvariable $“time“ or $“date“?

    for example something like

    SetGlobalVar “backuptime“ $“date“

    AddGlobalVar “backuptime“ $“time“

    in the end the variable $backuptime should look like:

    jjjj.mm.dd. hh.mm.ss

    I hope it’s clear what I’m trying ^^

    thx for help guys

  • There's a good chance I'm incorrect but I don't think you can do that yet.

    However you could do the same with LUA one-liner:

    lua'SetVar(UserVars(), "backuptime", os.date("%Y.%m.%d.%H.%M.%S"))'

    Details here and here

    Edit: Works the same way as a GlobalVar

  • Thx for ur answer, I thought something like “not implemented yet“. BTW my favourite command line feedback since yesterday ^^

    I think LUA is not really an option for us so we just need to wait :(

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