Change cue order in sequence

  • I have played around with the cue numbering but was unable to change the order with it.

    You used to be able to just renumber the cue but there seemed to be some bugs that allowed out of order cue numbers. Now there are restrictions on how you can re number cues.

    HI, try with this " MOVE CUE X AT CUE Y " or press move button and the cue you'd like to move and after the destination.

    This used to (kind of) work in 1.3, but was since removed, perhaps for the same cue numbering issues.

    At the moment I think your best bet is to use the Copy and Delete Commands

    Given Cues 1, 2, and 3:

    Copy Cue 1 at Cue 2.5 (Choose your copy mode, see the release notes)

    Delete Cue 1

    As always watch for tracking.

  • Yes, that is th eonly way at present to make this work.

    You have to copy the (to be moved) cue to the desired position and then delete the old one. Just move or renumbering is not working at present. We will see what will work in V 1.5... :)

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  • v1.5.2.1 is available for download.

    You can now use "Move Cue 1 at Cue 2" ...But keep in mind that since Cue 2 exists, it will be shifted.

    Maybe you prefer to try Exchange in v1.5.2.1: Exchange Cue 1 at Cue 2

    Pay attention to tracking :)

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