• Hi,

    What would be the syntax to add fadeX to recipe preset? I'd like to have a macro that would change it.

  • In general the syntax for recipes in presets would be:

    Set Preset <type index>.<Preset index>.<Recipe line> <Property Name> "Value"

    So for example Dimmer Preset 1 Recipe Line 1 Fade From X Fade To X would be

    Set Preset 1.1.1 FadeFromX "10" FadeToX "20"

    to get a list of all the properties try list preset 1.1.1 and take a look in the Command Line History

  • Is it possible to change the Preset that is in the recipe via the command line. Assuming the syntax is the same as what you are saying it should be Set Preset 1.1.1 Preset "Your Preset" or some variation of that. Cannot seem to figure out how "Your Preset" Should be entered into the command line.

  • Disregard all of this, I totally forgot you can assign this.

    This seems like something that will change in the future but it seems you need to give the Full path to the preset that you want to use.

    So let's say the preset in question is All 1. Preset 1 If you manually set the recipe preset then do:

    List Preset 21.1.1

    Then in the Command Line History window Scroll over to the right and you should see something like this.

    So here I assigned Dimmer "Preset 1" by name, this also happens to be the first preset.

    So it seems like the command would be something like:

    Store Preset 21.1.1

    Set Preset 21.1.1 "Group" "Default.Groups.1"

    Set Preset 21.1.1 "Preset" "Default.PresetPools.Dimmer.3"

    It's important to put quotes around the Field ("Group" "Preset"), you can also assign presets by name "Default.Groups.All"

    The drawback is this is assuming you are using the default pool, if a user is using a different pool then the value changes.

    Someone probably knows an easier way.

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