Speed of Movinghead between two positions

  • Hello,

    is stored two Positions of Movingheads into two All Presets. Inserted this Presets as two Steps in a Sequence. Then assigned this sequence to an executor. Works fine.

    In the 3D Window the moving speed of the movingheads is too high. Where can i control the speed of the movingheads?

  • Also, the 3D visualization has an entry field for 'phystime=', this controls the 3D model's movement speed across it's range of motion; this value is to be matched for what the manual states as the speed of the movement. 'Most' Headmovers take ~1.0-1.5 seconds to travel the entire length of it's PAN/TILT attributes. Scanners take less...depends upon the fixture IRL.

    Try adjusting that value[phystime=""] to match the 3D model/visualization to the IRL fixture you see and compare the results.

    Good luck!


  • Yes! But the Phys Time hast to be setup in the Fixture-File. Don't search for that in the settings of the 3D Window. ;)

    And the Fade-Time between Cues is what he might have really meant. But the hint about phystime is very good to!!

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • Thank you, yes...."phystime=" controls the physical movement speed of the 3D object. I hope I didn't indicate it was somewhere in the 3D window settings; that wouldn't make sense as it would be global perhaps and affect all fixtures??

    I think in MA3, this may be labeled 'Real Acceleration' and 'Real Fade'[sorry no snapshot of the UI]?? of DMX Modes, right after the "Physical From" and "Physical To". I'll manually insert that assignment 'phystime=' when editing .XML files, migrating them from MA2 as my editor/IDE. It's hard to tell how many MA3 3D attributes are actually visualizing in the 3D window, currently...

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