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  • Hello together,

    yesterday i finshed building my project "mini tour pack" consisting of a faderwing together in the same case with a mini NUC-PC and an small external touch screen, if needed. Unfortunatedly, on software start, there is a window, that informs about the lack of cores (its an i5 6600 with two cores instead of the required four ones). I know, this doesn´t fit the requirements, but this solution will be only for playback of max 1 universe and no visualisation or programming.

    Is there a way to "OK" this window for a longer period, e.g. until install of a new version, because this solution should go to the customer as plug & play and autostart onPC with windows. So if confirmation on startup could be "remembered" would be very nice.:thumbup:

    Best regards


  • I think you should search for any "automation" software who will press buttons for you. Else you won't have a chance to solve that.

    And I know what you mean very well. Because I had a NUC with a to small i5 as well before. But there is a tool available who will "do as if there is another CPU working". But this is not really recommended... It helped me to get an old AMD Processor working...

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • Hey Rainschn,

    thx for your reply, i had similar ideas with sumlating cores, but as you thought, this might cause other problems.

    It would just be nice, if this window would have a checkbox "I use at my own risk"

    I will tell my issue to the support, maybe they have a solution.

    Best regards


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