The dot2 core with dot3d

  • Can the dot2 line, specifically the dot2core, be used with 3d?

    Will someone wanting a visualizer need to use an external computer in order to use the Ma3d software or can we run it standalone?

  • Hi,

    All the dot2 conosles (incl. onPC) can connect to the dot2 3D.
    The 3D is a windows only software. You'll need a fast computer with a good graphic card to run the 3D.


  • The consoles can output ArtNet and sACN. The onPC can output ArtNet when it is also connected with a dot2 4portNode (1K), but only the 1024 channels the node unlocks.


  • I might be wrong, but I would expect that in the target marked of the dot2 range, people willing to spend 3000USD on 3rd party visualization software instead of using the free dot2 3D, would be a tiny minority, so I doubt that developping a dot2-Net wyg connectivity driver for the dot2 onPC would be very high up on any priority list.

  • Does that mean that I can't use the onPC with WYSIWYG to pre program a show?

    You would need a dot2 4-Port Node to 'Unlock' 1024 Channels, then you could send DMX from the Node or Artnet or sACN from the PC to WYSIWYG.

    To Visualise 1025-4096 Channels you'd need at least a dot2 Core console.

  • Hi all,

    you can use the Vectorworks plugin to load your fixtures and patch into the dot2 console. As you know dot2 console software does not support position, color, etc. information, so you cannot create a detailled 3d environment with the plugin, as you know it from grandMA2.
    Also keep in mind that you only can use 8 DMX universes.


  • I was playing with the dot and dot onpc. I linked them together, and i had the option to also link dot3d. I assume you can have a full 3d of your show. This is something i still haven't time for to try or program. But this could be the trick.

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