Colour mixing on playbacks

  • Hello!

    In our search for improving frontlights in a theater, I'm also looking for ways to control these lights.

    Let me explain:

    We want to add some cmy led fixtures to our frontlights. We will control all parameters of the fixture with our own desk (which may be a MA3) exept for the dimmer. This will me controlled by the touring company, as if it were a conventional spot on a dimmer.

    I know from my experience with MA1 this is easily done by using the dmx input.

    However (here comes the tricky part) I would like the possibility to give the fixture a double function in colour. So in stead of using 6 fixtures for warm front and 6 for cold, I want the console to receive 12 input channels, with 6 playbacks for warm, and 6 for cold.

    Is there a way to set this up so that these colours would mix, as you would expect in conventional lights?

    I hope my question is clear, and look forward to your answers.

    To be clear I do not want to mix RGB or CMY only.

  • Hello,

    like in the grandMA1 and grandMA2 there is a HTP Merge in the grandMA3. Edit Universe x, Merge Mode "HTP".

    The temp faders also work like in the other software series. The temp faders only work from 0% to 100%. All fixture colour mixing channels, whether CMY or RGB, must control from 0% to 100%.

    You save a cue with all RGBWACMY and the dimmer attributes at 0% and switch it on.

    Then you save a single colour attribute to a single temp fader.

    You assign the temp faders to DMX addresses in the in&out/DMX Remote menu.

    The HTP value from the external desk can then control the dimmer.

    The external console parks all colour attributes to DMX 0% then the grandMA3 can adjust the colour attributes with the temp faders.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your reply.

    If I understand correctly, what you suggest will have all color attributes on a separate fader. Is that right?

    this is not my goal. I would like to be able to set a predefined colour, as if I would put a gel in a conventional light.

    The idea is to replace 12 conventional fixtures with 6 cmy fictures, without losing the possibility to mix these colours as we do now.

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