Differences Between the New Effects?

  • I've got 4 Sharpies in 3D that I'm using to compare, center value tilt a -45, everything else is normal. I'm noticing the only difference is the 1/2 tilt sine is a little faster and not as smooth than the regular.

    Maybe I'm just confused on how I can apply these effects in a new/creative way. Any ideas?

  • Hi Ian,
    yes, it´s not the new box full of absolutely fascinating and amazing over the top fashy glitter moving fxs,
    but they are helpful for some People.
    The half Sinus tilt f.e. is a wave that simply doesn´t do the "negative" half of the Sinus,
    so the "lowest" tilt value the fixtures do, is their starting Point of the effect.
    This makes it f.e. for the TV guys easier not to swing into the camera lenses.
    They can position the fixtures to just a centimeter before the beam hits the lens of the camera and can be sure, the fixtures won´t
    swing further. To do this with the "normal" Sinus simply takes longer to position...
    Same for half pan.
    From the new 8 effect, you´ll just see a "wiggeling" of the beam when you compare it to a straight swing- you might can use it for not straight moves.
    Like I said - it´s not that we re-invented the history of effects new, these were wishes from customers.
    Michael (Qincy)

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