• Hey Ryan....i would be happy if it works same way as in MA2 as you could change buttonpages and faderpages individual. Its a good question how deal in case with encoder/buttons if they are linked. One idea could be, if its spanned across rows that it is like Executor fixed. An other idea it could just change and hold the setting from the previous page. I would have so many nice ideas with the encoders, but it makes only sence to me if i can change the pages individually.

  • So to clarify, you would want to be able to be on 4 different pages simultaneously - buttons-only row (100-level), button+fader row (200-level), lower button+knob row (300-level), upper button+knob row (400-level)? And also based on the current numbering scheme, the two rows of Xkeys would have the potential to be on two different pages as well (since the bottom row of Xkeys is 1xx and the top row of Xkeys is 2xx).

  • The xkeys should be inline with the other lower row with the 100 and upper row with 200. But as usual, with Fix you could prevent from changing pages. And yes, I would like to have the chance to change the 4 different pages individially.
    I could imagine something like:
    Page = like it does now change the complete page 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx
    ButtonPage = change only the 1xx button executor
    FaderPage = change only the 2xx fader executor
    Enc1Page = change only 3xx encoder/button executor

    Enc2Page = change only 4xx encoder/button executor
    But as pool it could stay like it is with the one Page Pool.....really similar to the MA2 software. It was a nice part to be able to just change Buttons or Fader-Pages

  • Hi

    You can fix each executor as you want, then change page....

    sure I could fix...but fix is not that what I want to get ;)

    If I fix I have the executor fixed and can't use them to work with on other pages....but this is what I give you an idea maybe: I could have selections (equal which kind that is now) on the encoder execs, then on the second page i wanna attributes for this selections....and I only wanna change the encoder page cause the execs I use still for bumps....I used this button/fader exec page a lot.

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