error in tracking sequence with phasers

  • I have a tracking sequence, in some cues i have phasers for some fixtures.

    Cue Y in the sequence has no phaser, neither tracked.

    Fixture X is not used in phasers.

    but if I do " fixture X at cue thru Y" (to copy in the programmer content and status of fixt X in cue Y) and change one attribute of that fixtures, it creates a phaser!!!

    what do you think about?

    Thank you

  • ROBONN The only solution to your problem is to stop taking it as a problem coz it's not a problem, I hope you are getting me.

  • @emmma0122 for me it's a problem. I don't know how and where you work. I program opera shows and I can assure you that is very ugly to have unwonted phasers on stage during rehearsals!!!

    The software should work whit logic. If I put a command I aspect it do it as I asked.

  • When you do your command At Cue Thru Y

    have a look to the step button at the right bottom of screen 1. It should show 1*/1

    Then, just click on the left arrow to go on the step 1 and remove the *.

    You won't have auto phaser.

    I hope this behavior will be solved in next release, but for now, you have to deal with it.

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