• Do you speak of 'positioning' a 3D object or 'controlling' a 3D object like the MovingPath of MA2?

    My guess would be to give your 3D object's fixturetype virtual DMX attributes for XYZ_X, XYZ_Y,XYZ_Z Positioning and make the Geometry[3D model] an Axis?? Should be able to use encoders and insert values for cues once it has the Attributes? Here's a GDTF profile with a 3D model that has Positional Attributes of XYZ_X, XYZ_y, XYZ_Z set to Virtual DMX parameters, should move 30 meters each direction of 0 as limits. My MA3 machine is not presently booted, so I can't quickly check it; if there isn't a dedicated MA3 'Moving Path' fixture written for MA3, this may be the approach/solution...

    Are you envisioning Truss with fixtures moving? or Talent Figures for blocking?? This is a human figure. I've got Trussing profiles as well, with a bit more 'Zazz' in them, lol...

    Enjoy...model is fairly heavy asset with 7K+ vertices...NB!! Copyright 2021 RexHeavyIndustries

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  • A while back when I was playing around with plugins I made a plugin that listened to incoming DMX to position 3d objects.

    I never did release the code since it was probably very inefficient and it was relatively buggy. But it did work.

    I'm sure there will be a way to do it on the MA3 soon.

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