Simple question on Relative Phaser in Dimmer

  • I did all I could trying to create a simple Relative phaser from 10 to -10.

    It never works and I can't figure out what am I doing wrong on such a simple task.

    I select needed fixture(s) and then :

    1. Select R+ or Relative tab over Dimmer attribute

    2. Dimmer at 10

    3. Select step 2

    4. Dimmer at -10

    5. Save it as Selective

    It runs fine as long as I keep the initial dimmer level on the fixture I had before creating it.. As soon as I change it, values from phaser don't make sense anymore.

  • I've had similar strange things happen with relative phasers stored in a part not tracking absolute values from previous cues.

    For example cue 2 should be 50 Tracked absolute +/- 10 from the selective phaser in part 100. but it just goes between 0 and 10

    The thing that always seems to catch me off guard is mistakenly editing the incorrect step. For example first you recall a relative phaser then you try and edit the absolute values in the same part.

  • in v1.4 and earlier versions, absolute and relative layer doesn't track separately.

    if you want both absolute and relative values outputted from the same playback, then both layers needs to be stored in the same cue.

    in v1.4 and earlier versions, absolute and relative layers cannot reference different presets from the same storage container.

    if you want absolute and relative values to reference different presets, then each layer needs to be stored in a different container (= cue part)

    in v1.4 and earlier versions, to store the same attribute in multiple cue parts , the cue property AllowDuplicates needs to be enabled, even if each part contains different layers.

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