detect group and grab name

  • Hi Hive mind,

    is there a way to see if a group exists and then grab the name of that group, and return NIL or so, if the group is not there?

    example: I have group 1, group 4 and group 59 with some lights, and I want to desk to grab all existing groups and assign a preset to them and store them in a cue.

    thanks all, keep up the good work :)

  • i agree Hoss, but than i cannot grab the name of group 1 and label the sequence [group one name] [color] or something like that. Or place the sequence of group 59 at sequence 59

  • Oh I understand what you are asking now.

    That might be simple to do in a plugin but if you align the group, preset and sequence names perhaps you could use a macro, not tested but something like:

    SetUserVar "working" (Group)
    Group $working
    At Preset 21.$working
    Store Seq $working Cue 1 /o
    DelUserVar "Working"
  • Solutions are only possible if you are able to explain things correctly.