Can autofix be turned off?

  • Hi,

    Autofix is always active. The idea behind this is that your output is alway available and you can always see what is active in the output. Or in the case of Group Masters you can see what is limiting your fixtures.



  • Hi,

    Just to add,

    The beauty of having an Auto-Fix is that when you have your songs programmed on each fader and if your next song is on a different page, it is easy to switch to that song no matter which Fader-Page you are in. As your current song that you're running is always by your side and so is your next song :)

    Might sound a little difficult to understand but practically, that just what you need anywhere.


  • Just to be clear, AutoFix keeps currently active playback loaded when you change page. This ensures that nothing changes on stage. As soon as you pull down the fader of the AutoFixed playback, it gets unfixed automatically and the correct playback for the current page gets correctly loaded.

    Glyn O'Donoghue
    MA Lighting Int.

  • Autofix might be a good idea if you have a show already programed with single pages for every song. But have you ever worked on a festival this way? When you need lots of single faders per group and lots of flash buttons. Changing a page and don't be able to activate the sequence of page two because of a sill running sequence of page one can be very frustrating. The Chamsys consoles behave that way and this was one of the reasons I have stopped working with it. Please think about an option to deselect autofix.

  • The ability to have multiple playbacks running on the same fader on other pages is a powerful feature of the grandMA series1 and series2 (actually quite unique feature)
    This feature was however invented based on the existance of motorized faders, which makes such workflow execllent.

    On non-motorized consoles, e.g. the commandwing or UL, this feature does not have excllent workflow, due to the additional matchng of faderlevel to physical faderposition. These models however is part of a series where motorized models exist, which is not the fact with the dot2-series.

    This is not about just to open an option to not autofix. Enabling this simple option will introduce the need for implementing complex off-menus, Groupmaster-overview, specialmaster-overviews etc. making the console more complex to learn, and fills it with boobytraps:
    why is my chase not running?
    why is there no light out from group 4
    which with gma2 philosophy, could be a rate or groupmaster on a different page, or actually on your current page, but hidden by another executor being fixed on top.

    the dot2 support over 160 simultanious playbacks with all wings connected (and via virtual playbacks if wings are not available)

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  • Andreas - Thanks for stating it like that.

    At first I was wishing for the option to turn Autofix off, but I now agree that having permanent Autofix is the correct (and a good) decision for the dot2 product line. Especially a very good point that enabling that one simple option will introduce various complexities that would go against the huge focus on ease-of-use of this line. I suspect that's one of the stuggle's MA has in developing the dot2 line - deciding which features to include to provide the functionality folks need and want, while watching out for the potential impact on ease-of-use that adding even one supposedly "small"/"minor" feature could have.

  • Ok, if you have enough single executors per page this might be not that bad.
    You have told about virtual playback. How does the virtual playback look like. How much possibilities do I have with it?

    Virtual playback is a view that emulates on screen the hardware of an F or B Wing.
    (similar to grandMA2's window "Playback big")

  • Danny, you will probably not find a Dot2 console on a major festival or a large stage.
    Look at this product in the hands of a teacher and others that might call you a sunday morning when they are stucked in the MA2 world.
    Easy to use, fast, visual and logical basic programming. That`s it.

  • Thanks Axel, I know that dot2 will never be a standard festival console. I just wanted to check out the possibilities.
    I really love to work with my gma2light but I'm looking for a more lightweight console since a long time. The dot2 seems to be the best choice.
    In my eyes the console is much more than a teachers or beginners console.
    With 4096channels it's possible to control more than 100 movinglights, some channels and some media server layers at the same time and that is not small.
    Even I like to do my work fast, intuitive and without confusing options.

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