Console Resetting Randomly

  • Is there a known bug that causes consoles to crash/reset? I have a grandma3 late and it seems to be coming a more common occurrence for it to simply shut down at random points, generally while I’m programming but it’s never anything specific that I do, Sometimes it happens right as I click on something but other times it’s in between actions. It simply blacks out for a split second and goes straight back to the mode 2 selection screen.

    I have a festival this weekend and just hoping it doesn’t shut down on me mid show, But it seems to be happening at least on a daily basis and maybe as often as every two or three hours of on-time

  • Hello,

    fortunately this isn't a known bug.

    A good starting point to find out where it comes from is to make a full install with your used software version.

    Please keep in mind to save your show files before because everything at the drive will be deleted.

    If the error is still there, please contact the distributor in your country for further logical troubleshooting.

  • same to me.

    Last night I was programming in a grandma 3 fullsize, in session with another gma3 Fullsize, and one of them ( not the one I was using) has resetted to the mode gma2/gma3 choice screen.

    From this moment the desk I was using started to work unproperly, like autoscroll in sequence sheet stopped working and couldn't play macros on xkeys.

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