Phasers keeps old infos on icon.

  • Each time I update a preset, the icon shows old data.

    Let's say I create a 2 steps color ( green and white ) preset using the phaser. I store it and the Icon shows the half/half circle containing those 2 colors.

    To create the same effect using different colors, I do copy the preset and the modify it this way;

    select step 1 only;

    Int "new color preset"
    select step 2;

    Int "new color preset"


    then it show an icon with the new colors, and the old ones as well

    What am I doing bad?


  • I assume your presets are created as Universal or Global?

    - your workflow can only work for Selective presets:

    When you create the first phaserpreset (as global or universal), your green and white selective data are copied and added as global/universal data inside the preset

    When you later update new selective colordata to the presetcopies, the global/universal data of green and white will stay as it already exist in those presetcopies


    keep your workflow but use presetmode Selective, to prevent the autocreation of global/universal data, which anyway would get obsolete when you copy preset and change the copies


    instead of creating presetcopies that you edit afterwords, just apply the "basepreset" in the programmer, integrate your other/new colors and then store to a new empty presets, which then would force generation of new relevant global/universal data upon creation of the new preset.

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