Allow duplicate in programmer part sheet

  • Hi

    Is there any possibilty to enable Allow Duplicate in the programmer part sheet ?

    Then i can build my parts with same attibutes ?

    For now, i need to store part 0 and then do : store cue x part y for each part.

    But this takes time

    For example :

    part 0 : fixt at full

    part 1 : fixt position home

    part 2 : fixt position Roof

    part 3 : fixt at 0


  • I get all sorts of strange behavior with parts! Had to stop using them for now.
    Copying cues or sequences with parts is not possible (If you want identical copy)
    Editing Parts is a mess too.

  • That's a pity.

    Parts are supposed to be revolutionnary, but it doesn't work good.

    For example, i created a nice cue with parts and allow duplicate, but when i copy it, i get a big mess !

    In the picture, i just copied my nice cue 1 at cue 2.

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