Virtual Dimmer through color attributes ?

  • I have a RGB LED PAR fixture that has a dimmer channel and 3 independent color channels. Unfortunately the hardware forces a fading function when changing the dimmer value making hard flashes impossible. Since the color attributes at low values are essentially controlling the final light output of the fixture, is it possible to build a virtual dimmer through the color attributes?

    I saw another thread about building virtual dimmer by simply removing the coarse+fine channels and setting the default on the dimmer channel to 255, and that totally works! However it removes the dimmer preset type, so I cannot apply dimmer effects.

    What I'm thinking is if I want to output red and have it flash on and off it would output (255+255+0+0) <=> (255+0+0+0) ... or if I do a ramp, it would do (255+0+0+0) => (255+127+0+0) => (255+255+0+0).


  • OK it looks like I could actually use the color animations to achieve what I was talking about, and just manually set the low value color to 0+0+0. However I am learning that the fixture forces the fading function on the color channels too! :(

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