OSC Settings Bug

  • Hi, I've been using MA3 OnPC with a 2portnode 2k and a MIDI controller. I'm converting the MIDI inputs into OSC for use with MA3. This setup is working great, but not all settings in the In & Out OSCData lines get saved. Name, Destination IP and Port are working just fine, but the FaderRange, Receive, Send, ReceiveCmd, SendCmd EchoInput and EchoOuput settings are reverting back to their default after each restart of the software.

    Steps to reproduce:

    - Menu > In & Out > OSC
    - New OSCData
    - Change FaderRange, Receive, etc.

    - Save showfile

    - Shutdown MA3

    - Restart MA3

    - Menu > In & Out > OSC

    - OSCData line is still there, settings listed above have reverted to default.

  • I see the same issue. As a workaround you could make a macro to set the values on after reboot, totally not ideal but it seems to work. Something like:

    cd ShowData.OSCBase
    Set 1 FaderRange 60
    set 1 Receive 1
    cd root

    This will set FaderRange to 60 and Receive to yes

    You can confirm the names by CD ShowData.OSCBase then List on and you should see the lines and values in the command line history

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