When will MA3 be completed?

  • Hello,

    I am a lighting console operator in film with years of experience using MA / MA2. I am currently trying out MA3 (Command Wing) for the first time, and I must say that I am generally impressed. However, I am quite disappointed that there are so many functions not yet implemented / operational.

    I do find some of these non-operational functions to be quite hindering, as is the case with the XKeys which also appear to be the shortcut keys for functions such as View, Phaser, Macro, Page, Exec, etc. This includes the ability to assign Macros and other shortcuts to these keys. Because of the speed in which we operate in film, this makes the MA3 Command Wing unusable for me, especially since it does not support Mode2.

    Is there any projected date for completion and implementation of these functions? I would really love to move over to MA3, but it is just not possible until it is fully functional. I am hoping to purchase my own console, soon, but I can not confidently invest into an MA3 while it is still incomplete... and I do not want to be putting money towards used and discontinued MA2 equipment.

    Thank you for any insight.


  • As I mentioned on your Facebook post, tapping on an Xkey is the same as tapping any other executor button. Simply assign a Macro to it the way you would assign a Macro to any other Executor button. Holding [MA] and tapping on an Xkey puts the printed keyword into the command line. What is missing from v1.4 is the ability to use the Xkeys as user-viewbuttons the way you could on MA2. But as normal executors (which can have Macros on them), they work perfectly fine.

    What other functions are you missing? Perhaps you might reach out to your local distributor for a more direct and informative conversation about your needs and the current state of the grandMA3 software. (From your FB profile, it looks like you're in Canada? In which case ACT Lighting is your local distributor - support(at)actlighting(dot)com.)

  • I believe the answer is "never" and I'm ok with that.

    In fact I think it's a good thing because we will get added functionality and improvements for a long time.


    I'm very concerned with the implemented stuff that works poorly.

    I constantly run into issues and have to remember specific workarounds and what not to do.

    E.g. using and editing parts (Last thing I discovered the hard way was that copying a sequence or a cue with parts does not work!)

    I see how missing features could be a deal breaker but me personally hope that v1.5 have big focus on bug fixes and cleaning up existing stuff.

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