Fixtures for GrandMA3

  • Hi

    Our event hall buys Fuze Profile, Fuze Wash FR and Fuze SFX.

    We will have a GrandMA3 Light, Unfortunately I have not found any fixtures for the MA3.

    Does anyone know where I can find some?

    Now there is unfortunately for the devices no fixture for the MA3 until now. How do I get such a fixture? Do I have to ask the manufacturer? Or do I have to do this myself with the Fixture Builder?

    Thanks a lot


  • Hello,

    Pleased to see your question as I think I have the same problem, I am also confused and in need of light on this same issue. Need help

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  • I was very surprised when I found out that MA lighting takes NO responsibility when it comes to supply of Fixture Types.
    Every other light control developer in the world, regardless of price range, seems to do that - and have one ready for you in days.

    I've exported from MA2, it could work but probably not very good (I get problems with multiple channel sets) and they're known to not work with cloning.

    I'm using some of these but they usually needs some tweaking in the Editor.

    I learned to make GDTF in the online builder, imported to MA3 and it was changed in the process and did not work. (Not bothered to try in last version)

    Only thing that seems to work good is to make one yourself from scratch in Fixture Type Edit inside the MA3 software.

  • Many Lighting controllers (Including MA) depended on Carallon for fixture Profiles, Hence the issue with MA2 to 3 profiles. However I have noticed that often if another manufacturers console is missing a profile someone inhouse will normally build it when asked.

    While I think leaning on GDTF is a good thing for the future, we don't seem there yet. I normally just build my own profiles on the console and if it's really big I'll open it in VS Code to copy and paste as needed. I haven't spent much time in GDTF since my first few fixtures were Media Servers that don't (or at least didn't at the time) have Attributes I needed.

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