Problem with syntax

  • Hey!

    This has to be well known bug but reporting it anyway.

    I have huge problem with bug in syntax. In example if ai have user with name wich starts with letter "t", the commandline reads the first letter as shortcut for "thru".

    This happens in everywhere in syntax, not just when logging in.

    Attached a picture when I tried logging in as user named "tamminen"

  • At first I was going to suggest turning off shortcut keys temporarily, but then it would have tried to enter "List" "Off" "Group" "IfOutput" but then I tried onPC and it worked, with out without putting Timmy in Quotes.

    The Issue actually seems to be "TA"

    Wrap the username is Quotes and it works Login "Tammy"

  • Thanks for the response!

    That is interesting behaviour for the syntax. It is good to know that I can workaround that bug but it is pretty annoyin also when I am creating macros. In example I have macro which creates basic Pages and timecodeslots etc (image attached) and if I name the variable $Biisinnimi (((((in english it is songname)))))

    to something which starts with letters "TA" it labels all existing pages to wrong name.

    I hope this gets fixed.:thumbup:

  • Yes, this is already on the list. In general it is best practice to always put quotes around a string even if it should be unique and not a defined keyword. If you want your variable to be interpreted as a string you can wrap the variable name in quotes, like so: $"variablename"

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