OSC send and receive

  • Hi there,

    i finally dared to test OSC in GrandMA3 (onPC). I used Open Stage Control, as suggested in the Webinar. At the beginning its hard to understand and it took a lot of time. But OSC seems to have a lot of Potential.

    I managed to control the GrandMA Fader from Open Stage Control. But it does not work the other way around. When i move a Fader in grandMA, OpenStageControl does not react. Also i havent found a way that the Faders of GMA and OpenStageControl use simultaniously.

    The OCS Output looks kind of weird too

    -> OSC sends: /Page1/Fader201, f [Value]

    -> GMA3 sends: /, sif, FaderMaster,1,[Value]

    In the Setup Menu I enabled OSC Input and output in UDP Mode. Even tried using different Ports for Input and Output. But nothing worked so far.

    What am i doing wrong?