Trouble selecting subfixtures using thru

  • Hello!

    I've been having trouble using the "thru" keyword with subfixture IDs.

    I am able to select individual subIDs "fixture 1.2 please" and multiple subfixtures "fixture 1.2 + fixture 1.10 please" but when I try to use the thru keyword, it seems to be ignoring everything after it. "fixture 1.2 thru fixture 1.10 please" is functioning the same as "fixture 1.2 thru please" and is selecting fixture 1.2 and every subfixture following it.

    Am I missing something?

    EDIT: something else curious, entering "fixture 1.3 thru fixture 2.5 please" results in selecting 1.3->1.29+2.5

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  • Which version do you use`?

    In v1.4 a new selection syntax was introduced.

    In your first case, try fixture 1.2 thru 10 please

    In case of fixture 1.2 thru I don't get what you want to select. With fixture 1 thru.2 you will select every second subfixture of all fixtures.

    fixture 1.3 thru fixture 2.5 please selects all subfixtures of fixture 1 starting at the third one. And with fixture 2.5 within the sytanx your starting again at the top level, and then selects fixture 2.5.

    To sum up:

    With the dot you're going a level down in the hierachy of the whole fixture patch. Until you start not again with the fixture keyword, you will stay at the current level.

    Fixture 1.2 + 5 will select subfixtures 2 and 5 of fixture.

    Fixture 1.2 Fixture 1.5 will select the same subfixtures.

    Fixture 1.2 thru 5 selects subfixtures 2, 3, 4, and 5 of fixture 5.

    To learn the new selection syntax, have also a look at the release notes:…eader_anchor_12

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