Importing a 3d person into MA3d

  • Hello, I am a currently a lighting design student who is trying to learn and is new to MA3. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the steps on how to import a 3d person? I have tried multiple times importing as a 3ds. and it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks :)

  • Models need to be part of a fixture type to be rendered, I believe. Getting the 3D geometry into the engine is the first part, the Import and storing in 3D Object Pool. Next you need to create a new Fixture Type, insert Geometries and link to the imported 3D geometry to place one in the 3D window.

    It does seem a bit 'klunky' to have to associate a model to a fixture type to view it, but that is the paradigm and how everything is being organized for the console/engine to digest and keep track of. There are some nice tricks you can do with fixture types and models...without resorting to the ever expanding list of fixture types.

    The manual goes over the details here:




    1. In MA3D, go to File → ImportImport 3D Model
    2. Press {Import 3D Model…}, navigate to where your.
    3. Depending on what program you used, you may find that you need to adjust the scaling on your model.
    4. Feel free to fill in some of the other information if you so desire.
    5. In the Import pop-up, go to File → Save As.
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  • Yes, those are the steps for generating the database file for 3D models the MA2 utilizes for 3D visualization; it does not work in MA3, which is this forum and the OP's questions about MA3 and 3D models. They are a bit of horses of different colors, lol, so to speak...MA3D + MA2[across a network] and MA3, each can do 3D visualizations, they are very different systems now between MA2 and MA3.

    Here is MA2 forum...

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