Recipes, Invert Options and Phase in the MAtricks

  • Hey, I have two question:

    first, are the invert option in the MAtricks work the same as in the recipe line? My Problem: I tried to make a universal symmetrical circle, it works pretty well if I use Wings = 2, InvertWings on and InvertStyle set to P+T on a any selection, then I go to the Phaser Editor select all step and move the handles to create a circle, no problems here, but If I create a universal circle effect (not symmetrical!) and I use it in a recipe line e.g. in a sequence and use the preset and set the Wings to two, InvertSytle to P+T and InvW (InvertWings) to yes it does not the same as it would if I do it manually:

    ^ Does not work

    ^ Does Work

    Second question: will the MAtricks do the calculations so the phase is equally spread across the fixtures in the near future? Because now phase 0 and 360 are the same in the MAtricks, which makes it harder to use recipes if you want an effect to be spread across equally.

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