Phaser + MATricks not working as expected

  • Hi All,

    I'm applying some MATricks to a Phaser but the result is not what I expect. It would really help if someone can explain why.

    1. I create simple phaser preset with two colors going from red to white.

    2. Then I apply the phaser to a group with a 4x2 grid:

    It works as expected. All the fixtures change colors red/white at the exact same time.

    3. Now I add a MATricks with Phase From X and Phase to X values 0 to 360:

    It works as expected. The values are spread on the x axis

    4. In the MATricks window I add XBlock of 2:

    I would expect that the values are still spread on the x axis but instead all the fixtures have the exact same color. Why is my Phase X to animation lost?

    Many thanks.

  • Hi hannie,

    Bentoylight is correct. When you change the phase to 0 thru 180 that should work.

    The issue here is that currently the phase is not recalculated when you set it in the MAtricks or Recipe dialogs - that means 0 and 360 are exactly the same point. It is different when you assign the phase via the encoder bar - then it will be recalculated for the number of fixtures (columns in your selection grid).

    We expect this behaviour to change again, to have a recalculation in all dialogs.

  • Thanks Bentoylight and DanielK I got the effect working with phase 0 thru 180 in MAtricks.

    To admit it still confuses me, what are the differences between setting the phase settings and in MAtricks and the encoder bar?

    I can get different results even without the recalulation of the grid. If you want I can report it you more detailed.

  • Hey hannie,

    the difference here is that in the MAtricks window 0 thru 360 is really 0 thru 360 - so the first and the last fixture will do exactly the same.

    Setting the phase in the encoder bar takes your number of fixtures and recalculates the phase, so that all fixtures do something different.

    But as mentioned this behaviour most presumably will change again.

    Hope that makes sense....

  • Feature request on this topic: Could we get a toggle switch in MAtricks to switch between the current behavior and that which is calculated with the encoder bar? I can see a use for both instances, but I would like to dynamically change the number of fixtures in a recipe and not have to change the phase every time.

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