Keywords and their switches in cmd or macros

  • Hello!

    I just wondering, is there any collection of the keywords in MA3 with their switches (or parameters).

    I'm looking for something like in linux cmd -h or --help switch. Which gives you a brief text how the command works. Or when you hit <TAB><TAB> in the console, it lists all of your available commands.

    Is there any similar in MA3?

    (I know in the help window there is most of the information, just that is much more detailed, than what I'm looking for. And tot contains anything)

    I really appreciate any suggestion. (Hope, I was understandable.)


    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

  • Hi Mate,

    you can open the command line feedback (MA button on the left of your command line) and type in help.

    Then you will get an overview of commands and keywords.

    Is this what you are looking for?